Our family run company, “Kulabey” was first formed in February 2008, with a business portfolio that included a single store. Through our dedication and hard work, we built up a chain of six stores and a wholesale supplier for the leather industry.  With our consistently high professional standards, hard work and successful long term planning, we managed to accumulate both the assets and the business expertise to realise our ultimate goal of becoming a successful hotel management company. In April 2011, we took over the management of Lemas Suite Hotel.

Our deep rooted family beliefs of honesty, concern for others and positive work ethic have led us to success and earned us the respect and trust of the community. The trust we built with our business partners and of course with all our guests is what makes us both succeed and rise above the rest: We are here to provide you with the best possible service, with our own unique personal touch.

Our business ethic mandates a concern for the environment as well as the success of local businesses like us. So, it is very important for us to show our consideration for the sustainability of our planet and show support for local Turkish businesses. We achieve this in several ways: For example, we encourage our guests to our replace towels every third day. We have surrounded our premises with freshly planted trees and shrubbery, which have become one of the main draws of the hotel complex. We source our consumable products and food only from local businesses. It is important that the food we cook and serve comes from trusted, high quality sources.

We have already made substantial improvements to Lemas Suite Hotel and we intend to continue by letting our guests tell us how, all the while striving to provide for the best service and products available. We believe our business will achieve long term success by treating our business partners and guests with respect and honesty, offering an affordable yet quality service.

We always welcome your comments.